Just wanted to welcome everyone to my new Blog. I think it’s long over due, and since no one else has found the extra time to get one started, I figured what the hell, I’ll just sleep when I’m dead.

This blog is dedicated first and foremost to helping others get started in developing Windows applications that harness the power of the “THiNC API”. It will also be an area where I can keep material and information for the Service, Application, and Sales Departments.

In order to start developing with the API you are going to need a few things. First you will need Microsoft Visual Studio. You can use the Express Editions (which are free) to get started. When you get to the point of selling your applications, you will need to purchase a licensed version. If you are a Gosiger Employee just notify the IT Department when that time comes. Also, if you read the “About” page you know I program in “Visual Basic” as do Jon Weaver and Jeff Nelson (they are a couple other developers at Gosiger whose names you’ll be seeing around here).  If you are just starting out in programming, it is probably the easiest to learn.

If you chose to take on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for your User Interfaces (which is what I use), then you will probably want Microsoft Expression Blend, I absolutely would not be developing in WPF without it. Blend comes in Expression Studio and it only has a 30 day trial. The cost is minimal compared to a licensed version of Visual Studio.

Once you have the tools you need, start searching the web for a “Hello World” tutorial, and get familiar with Visual Studio and Expression Blend. If you have any problems leave a Comment or Email me at jbrown@gosiger.com and I’ll try to help. Then check back here for your fist THiNC API application.

If you are in the Service, Applications or Sales Department or Developers, this is the place for you to find information on solutions, sales material, & videos, and a place where you can get some of the answers  you’re looking for. Please check back often or sign up for email updates.

Thanks again for stopping by and come back to see new posts.


About thincster

Corporate THiNC Developer for Gosiger INC. Member of the THiNC Developers Group

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