This is a brief overview of the Servo Door we did on a Genos 250.

This picture shows the “Ballscrew Assembly” assembly with the attached servo motor. It is attached and pinned at the mid-point of the door and aligned to the original door rail.

Here you can see the motor end of the ballscrew and the door interlock key assembly, which had to be rotated 90 degrees to accommodate the “Ballscrew Assembly”.

This is a very short machine as evident by the extended “Light Curtain Brackets”. I had to extend the original brackets  out for a total of 9 inches to accommodate the “Light Curtain” reaction time.

The video below shows the door closing and opening in “Manual Mode” (2 times). In “Manual Mode” the door moves at 1/2 speed. Then it shows “Auto Mode” (2 times). In “Auto Mode” the door moves in either direction in .8 seconds. Then the video demonstrates the “Light Curtain” being broken (both in “Auto” and then “Manual”). Notice if the door open/close manual buttons are held, and the “Light Curtain” is cleared, the door will continue on it’s path.

There was a huge amount of design work especially on the programming side to get this to work correctly.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and one of us will get back with you.

I want to thank Jon Weaver for his help with the Programming  along with Tom Jay ( Gosiger ESG) on the design of the “Light Curtain Brackets”.

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Corporate THiNC Developer for Gosiger INC. Member of the THiNC Developers Group

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