Here is a look at the probing application we’re working on.  The app uses the probing macros written by Gosiger Applications Engineer Paul VanCamp.  The concept for the application was also based on Paul’s original probing app written in VB.NET windows forms.  Paul and I added some probing cycles and gave it face lift using WPF.  This was originally part of a bigger custom HMI that we developed for a customer.  We decided to take just the probing part of the application and make it a stand-alone application.

The idea is to make it easy for an operator to setup or inspect a part by allowing him to use a graphical interface instead of having to remember all of the input variables that are required for a probing cycle.  The operator only needs to manually jog the probe close to the surface, fill in the blanks and run the cycle.

We’re planning to ship this application with every machine that has a probe by the end of the summer.

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Service Tech at Gosiger Michigan. Twitter: @jon_weaver6

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  1. NBettin says:

    Is the source for this project available? Also, where is the official API version repository and documentation located?

    • jweaver says:

      No, the source is not available at this time. A version of this software will be available in the Okuma App Store ( soon. Unfortunately Okuma has not yet made the API and documentation available online. Every machine ships with the documentation and api installed.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Would be awesome if this would work on the the older p100 controls.
    So far I can’t find anything expect calling macros…I’ve always preferred illustrative stuff.

  3. Chris says:

    Curious, how did you get the API to jump you directly to gage results screen?

    • jweaver says:

      I used the ChangeScreen method that is in the Okuma.CMCMDAPI.CommandAPI.CViews class.

      Dim view As New Okuma.CMCMDAPI.CommandAPI.CViews
      view.ChangeScreen(Okuma.CMCMDAPI.Enumerations.PanelGroupEnum.OperationMode, “GAUGING RESULTS”)

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